Bedroom Remodel Cost

If you want to renovate your bedroom, there are varying levels of degrees you can take it. Whether you want a new set of fitted wardrobes or just some new flooring, it all costs money. But how much should you expect to spend? This guide should help give you an idea.

General advice

Do your research

Have a look online and in magazines for the kind of bedroom you want or the look that you are aiming for. Get some ideas for the elements you want to change and look at options for different finishes to see what you prefer.

Set a budget

Once you’ve decided on the elements of your bedroom you want to replace and what style you want to go for, you should set a realistic budget that you can stick to. Make sure you are truthful with yourself to ensure you don’t get yourself into financial difficulty.


Different elements of the bedroom vary in price and each company will quote something different, but below are some of the typical costs you can expect:

Type of bedroom element Approx. cost (inc. installation)
Fitted wardrobe with sliding doors £2,800-£3,600
Fitted wardrobe with 3 doors £2,500-£2,800
6-door wide wardrobe From £4,800
2 section custom-built wardrobe From £3,200
Wooden flooring (20.25m2 room) Approx. £1,000
Laminate flooring (20.25m2 room) From £260
Weaved carpet (20.25m2 room) £280-£770

It’s best to get a range of quotes from different companies to see what you should pay for your bedroom remodel. Every company will have different overheads, so each quote could be different. Don’t immediately dismiss high or low quotes, but be wary of those that seem extremely expensive or cheap.

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