Separate bedrooms for couples

Did you know that one in ten British couples sleep in different bedrooms every night of the week? Despite being in a loving marriage or relationship, these people decide they’re better off alone for one reason or another. Are you one of them?

The study by esure came after it was revealed that celebrity couple Tim Burton and Helen Bonham Carter actually sleep in adjoining houses at night because of the former’s loud snoring. Perhaps this is the very same reason you sleep alone. No matter the reason, or whether you need an extra bedroom for a growing family, you’ll likely need an extension for the space potential.

Of course, you’re unlikely to have the same money to go to the extreme lengths of the couple mentioned, but this doesn’t mean you can’t escape your snoring partner. Either building another bedroom or redecorating an existing room such as the study, are two perfectly reasonable options.

And although the idea of sleeping away from your loved one may seem like a strange idea, 39% actually felt their relationship was stronger because of their absence at night.

So how can you get the extra space you need for a bedroom? First off you could consider hiring a builder to construct an extension for your home. This could be built on top of a garage or downstairs room and you could instantly turn the space into a bedroom.

On the other hand, you could hire the services of a decorator who can completely change the look of your room.
If you’ve got some spare cash then why not consider these options? Whatever your reason for a new bedroom, it will add thousands of pounds to your home’s value. And even if you’re not keen on an extra bedroom, research shows more and more people are spending their savings on home improvements. The bathroom in particular is receiving a lot of attention, according to a recent study.

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