Pick the right bedroom carpet

Carpets aren’t changed on a regular basis and buying top end quality can be expensive, so the last thing you want to do is make the wrong choice and have to replace too soon.

Carpets often add comfort and are particularly popular in bedrooms where this is ideal. For kitchens and bathrooms, tile is much more popular, whilst laminate has become common in dining rooms and lounges.

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for homeowners to purchase the wrong type of carpet. Bad experiences range from the carpet flattening or discolouring, whilst poorly fitted bedroom carpets can leave noticeable gaps and may tear on doors.

Carpet trouble-shooter Charles Townsend told BBC radio: “The public is unaware of how carpet fibres and construction make some carpets better than others. Retailers often fail to identify customers’ needs and encourage them to save money, at the expense of quality.”

So what should you be thinking of when purchasing your bedroom carpet to ensure you don’t fall into the same pitfalls as other homeowners?

Wear and tear
Wear and tear is an important issue to consider and essentially it’ll come down to how you plan on using the carpet. There are a few aspects to think about in particular. Firstly, the price is reflected in the quality. Hallways in particular suffer a lot of wear and tear and homeowners often choose a cheap carpet for these areas. Bedrooms on the other hand should ooze comfort, and spending a little more is worthwhile.

Look into the future

Whilst you could find a very fashionable colour or pattern, this might not necessarily go with any future decoration you carry out. Take home samples of different carpets you have your eye on and see how it fits with your existing décor. You’ll also be able to see the difference during the day and night and be better placed to make a final decision.

Plan a budget
It’s not an easy task to set a budget and stick to it. Something always goes wrong but with carpets there’s less risk than with other home improvements. The Carpet Foundation say you should expect to spend around £20 per metre square for a good quality carpet, whilst cheaper alternatives such as cordless will be much less expensive. Don’t spend more than you can afford but remember, splashing out a little extra now will save you money on replacing later down the line.

Charles Townsend adds that for the best result you should be paying for the fitting and underlay costs too. He said: “Don’t commit to a specific carpet until the area is measured – similar carpets come in different widths and will affect the quantity required and costs.”

Tom Crosswell

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