How to fully maximise bedroom space

Apart from the living room, the only other area of your home that could be described as multi-purpose is the bedroom.

You don’t just sleep there, instead watching TV, reading and even getting dressed there.

Of course, downstairs there’s probably a little more space to work with, so in the bedroom you need to make sure of not losing your space, whilst creating the perfect environment.

Take a look at our recommendations to do exactly that.

Choosing the right bed

It’s all very easy to go out and buy a bed, but you really need to think about sizes. Of course, if there are two of you sharing then you’ll want some room, but that doesn’t mean purchasing a huge superking size. With this you can eat up of lot of the floor space, whereas a king would be perfectly fine.

Think about the height too and the potential for storage. With a higher bed you can store things underneath and there are even beds available with built-in storage. So always give this a consideration.

Multifunctional furniture

There are a lot of things you need to store away in the bedroom, so buying multifunctional furniture is a definite plus. Beds with storage included is a great place to start and in a spare bedroom consider sofa beds. Built-in wardrobes are also brilliant at space saving, so you won’t need a free standing one and can store things away out of sight.

Avoid clutter

If you don’t have a great deal of space to work with, don’t go out and buy lots of bits and bobs on the cheap. By doing this you’ll create a cluttered look that doesn’t look particularly appealing. Try to restrict the number of tables and dressers you have and keep the surfaces clear.

Vertical thinking

If you’ve used up the floor space and don’t think your bedroom can accommodate anymore belongings, then don’t worry. There’s always the walls. This means you can position shelving on the walls for storage use and even fix brackets for a TV. Don’t forget, shelves aren’t just for books either and you can use them for any accessories. The window sill is also another option if you’ve run out of floor space.

Capture light

There’s nothing that gives the impression of more space than natural daylight, and this is the much preferred option to artificial light as well. One great way of doing this is with a large mirror (and this will be great for when you’re getting ready to go out too). Get rid of those thick and heavy curtains too, instead replacing with blinds or shades.

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