Five great tips to improve the guestroom

When it comes to home improvements, we all spend time working on the living room, bathroom and kitchen.

These are all areas that guests and visitors will see every time they come round, so you want them in tip-top shape.

But one of the areas that often gets neglected is the guestroom.

Whilst it’s true you won’t use this particularly often and may even have the door closed for much of the year, when it’s in use you still want to leave guests with a warm and cosy feel.

So if you’re twiddling your thumbs looking for the next project, why not take a closer look at your guestroom, and use our five fantastic tips to get you going.

Revitalise the walls and floor

Take a look at the condition of your walls. Is the paint peeling? Are there holes and dents in the plaster? If so then it’s time to give the whole room a freshen up. Get the filler out and seal those holes before repainting the whole room, including the ceiling. If you have wallpaper up then you’ll need to scrape this off first.

Remember, if you want to change your flooring, then do this after you’ve painted as you don’t want any spillages on your brand new carpet. Laminate is quite popular nowadays and looks great, so certainly consider this if you don’t want carpet.

Choose a colour scheme

Once you’ve picked some great colours for the guestroom it’s important to coordinate these with the rest of the fittings and accessories you want. This includes curtains or shades, cabinets, lamps and even the bedspread. A unified colour scheme looks great and will wow guests.

Increase the storage space

Even if your guest is only staying for a couple of nights, it’s good to have the extra storage space handy just in case. Make sure you have a few drawers spare and clear out the wardrobe too so there’s room to hang clothes up. You could even put some toiletries in there too.

Consider a bathroom

How’s the access to the bathroom from the guest bedroom? If it’s a problem then why not think about adding an ensuite into the room? Although this will be a more expensive project you’ll add value to your home and have a fantastic asset. Your guests will be grateful too!

Finishing touches

Once you’ve fully redecorated and have the guestroom looking how you’d like, don’t forget the finishing touches as these can really make the room. For your guestroom you’ll be thinking about clocks, a TV or radio, a reading lamp and plants or flowers.

The best way to grasp what you’ll need is imagining staying at someone’s house as a guest and what you’d require. Just a few touches can make all the difference.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Adding an extra bedroom to your home can increase your home’s value by an incredible £55,000.
  • A bedroom ensuite is one of the most profitable improvements you can make, adding 20% to your home’s value.
  • As moving home is so expensive with estate agent payments and stamp duty, adding an extra bedroom is a cost effective way to enjoy more space.
  • There is £30,000+ valuation difference between a two and a three-bedroom property.

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