Fitted bedroom furniture

Are you in the process of planning your bedroom and can’t decide between fitted bedroom furniture or stand alone? Well, this page should help you come a step closer to making the right choice and we weigh up the pros and cons for each.

Do you want a bedroom set?

Many homeowners are keen for bedroom sets, whereby the wardrobe will match the drawers, bedside table and dressing table. If you choose to have fitted bedroom furniture this won’t be the case, so standalone units are often preferred for this reason.

Often the bedroom set is chosen because it matches the home’s traditional feel. Having a freestanding wardrobe encompasses the character of your property and whilst there won’t be as much storage, it’s in keeping with the look many people are after.

Of course, a period look can still be achieved with fitted wardrobes and there are countless designs to choose from when planning a bedroom. What’s most important is finding a style suiting to your taste and not rushing into a decision.

Do you want more space?
With the housing market in a bad way and more people staying put rather than relocating, homeowners are starting to find themselves outgrowing their home but unable to afford a larger property. Fitted wardrobes are very handy here as they provide much more storage space than standalone furniture.

You don’t need to have them installed in your bedroom either and perhaps the wardrobe could be fitted in the children’s room or guest room. With fitted wardrobes you’ll have a lot more storage capabilities, giving you more room to breathe.

Readymade or bespoke?

Freestanding wardrobes are typically less expensive than fitted bedroom furniture models, but there won’t be as much choice on offer.

The beauty with fitted wardrobes is you can have them bespoke, choosing exactly how you want the inside and outside to look. This gives you control, so the wardrobe can be customised to your specifications, rather than having to alter things to fit a wardrobe.

Do you want to modernise?

Modern designs tend to centre on clean lines and spaces and if this is a look you want to achieve, the best way of doing so is to remove as much extra furniture as possible. Of course, don’t go overboard and make your bedroom look sparse, but fitted bedroom furniture is ideal to creating a modern environment. They bring subtlety too so you’ll hardly notice they’re there. Choosing sliding doors is also a great way of conforming to a modern look.

Cosy or contemporary?
If you want to opt for a cosy and contemporary bedroom then freestanding wardrobes could be your best choice. Wood in particular is great for adding warmth to the room and bringing in a cosy feel. However, you can still do this with fitted wardrobes, with the aid of rugs, luxury bedding and cushions.

Essentially your bedroom should have a fantastic appeal and be exactly as you want it. No matter if you choose standalone or fitted bedroom furniture you should find something to your taste, which matches the effect you wish to create.

As with everything it’s best to get a number of prices so you can be sure of paying the right cost for your new wardrobes. It’s recommended to compare up to four professional quotes and this should put you in good stead.

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