Finding the right bed

We spend a third of our lives sleeping and countless hours fidgeting to try and find a comfortable position. This is around 200,000 hours in bed for the average person, so choosing the right bed is a very important decision.

Finding a suitable bed will essentially help you sleep better, which ultimately affects your day-to-day life.

However, it’s not just the mattress which will define your sleep. Every good bed starts with a good frame and below we’ve highlighted some of the popular options for you to consider for both style and comfort.

If you’re looking to retain your bed frame and simply want to buy a new mattress, then be sure to check out our mattress guide to find the right one for you.

Divan beds

This is a simple style but actually the most popular bed type in the UK. This is mainly because there are countless varieties available, suitable for those on a budget or wanting to spend big. The divan is basically a base and headboard, so the mattress can be placed on top.

There tend to be two types of base, those which have pocket springs to offer extra comfort, and cheaper ones which have a hard top and give a firmer feel. However, in most cases the overall firmness will be defined by the mattress you pick.
Divan bed benefits:

  • Widely available
  • Cheaper than other options
  • Plenty of sizes and shapes to choose
  • Useful storage capabilities

Divan bed drawbacks:

  • Less ornate and stylish
  • Only certain styles offer storage


Bedsteads differ to divan ranges by having slated frames rather than a solid base. These are usually made from either wood or metal. The bedstead can be easy to put together, coming with the base, legs and headboard.

With bedsteads you have a more decorative option with a range of colours, finishes and styles to pick from. An increasingly popular option is bedsteads clad in leather or faux-leather.
Bedstead benefits:

  • Excellent appeal with many styles available
  • No need to buy a separate headboard
  • You can choose a hard or flexible slat type

Bedstead drawbacks:

  • No hidden storage so can look messy
  • Often need to be self-assembled
  • More expensive than divan beds

Storage beds

The major benefit of choosing one of these beds isn’t exactly a mystery, given the name. As you’d expect they offer plenty of storage capabilities which is great if you have little room and want something that looks a little more stylish than the divan. You can even pick between having drawers underneath or an ottoman-style that lifts up.

Storage bed benefits

  • Plenty of storage area
  • Practical for smaller bedrooms

Storage bed drawbacks

  • The ottoman-style can be heavy to lift

Alternative bed styles

There are other bed types available but these are often manufactured to specific requirements or will appeal to a certain age group.

For example:

  • Sofa beds and folding beds: This is a flexible option whereby the bed transforms from a sofa and suitable for when you have guests staying. Folding beds can be stored elsewhere when not in use.
  • Bunk beds are targeted at children, often brothers or sisters sharing the same room. They offer a way to fit two beds in without taking up too much space.
  • Cot beds, used for smaller children and can often convert from a cot into a bed if and when needed.

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