How to create a country bedroom

The bedroom is one place in the home where you want to be able to relax.

This is obvious really because you’ll want to sleep at night in a relaxing atmosphere. But the key to getting the right bedroom design is balance.

Striking the right balance is crucial, so the room’s not devoid of personality, but there won’t be too much going on to prevent you from switching off at the end of the day.

One style that has started to really take off recently is the country appeal.

Don’t worry, you don’t need over-the-top floral designs to create this look either, so take a look at how you can produce this incredible appeal.

The wall decoration

With the walls you have a choice between paint and wallpaper, with both having their own benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re thinking about your colour options, green is said to be perfect for creating a relaxing vibe. If this isn’t your cup of tea, then consider duck egg blue for a refreshing alternative.

If you don’t want plain walls, then mix it up with some fantastic decoration. There are plenty of wallpaper options for you to sift through, so you can easily find something to match your taste and the appeal you’re trying to bring.

The furniture

Exposed beams are a dream for many homeowners but unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of this. If you are fortunate enough to have beams in your bedroom you’re already close to achieving a great country appeal.

A wooden bed is a fantastic way to complement this, and you could also select brass as a stunning alternative. Consider plenty of wooden furniture with rich textures.

The lighting

The good thing about the lighting is there’s no hard and fast rule as to what does and doesn’t work. Whether you choose an extravagant chandelier accompanied with lamps, or something with a modern feel, you can’t really go wrong.

Just make sure you allow in plenty of light by taking away thick curtain and instead fit some beautiful blinds. Also consider a large mirror to bounce light around the room.

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