Choosing a child’s bedroom colour scheme

Do you have children? Then perhaps you’ve thought about the different bedroom colour schemes you can implement. But did you know, choosing the right colours can have a fantastic impact on their learning and development, especially from a young age.

In fact, expert research shows that the colour in a child’s bedroom is very important because we are all affected by our surroundings. If this is something that you’re interested in, perhaps it’s worth speaking with a designer who can quickly modify the bedroom based on colour.

Jo Hamilton, an interior designer, says that a child’s bedroom colour scheme should include bright colours which will be eye–catching and aid in creativity.

She says: “For children it’s really nice to use lots of harmonious colours that all fit together quite nicely, rather than using primary colours. I think the look now is much more subtle than that. You might want to use clashing colours, you might want to use pinks and oranges and reds to have a really fun play with colour.”

Of course, the bedroom colour scheme used will all depend on the child’s age. According to research, babies will respond better to black and white, whilst primary colours work best with those slightly older. It can be easy to implement these colours too, using paints, wallpaper and bedroom furnishings such as lamps and pictures.

In fact, the colour is crucial throughout the house, not just in the bedroom, according to Dulux’s colour and design manager Rebecca Thompson. According to Rebecca, choosing the right tone is the key to creating a stylish home.

If sprucing up the home with extra colour sounds like a good idea to you, then why not start the process by speaking to some experts in the field? You can compare up to four quotes from professional designers and get help with everything you need, from the bedroom to the lounge.

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