Add an extra bedroom to your home

One of the main reasons people opt to relocate is to gain extra space, primarily with another bedroom. This tends to be for a growing family as couples move from a two-bedroom house to a three or four-bedroomed property.

But with the housing market suffering a decline in recent years, homeowners have been looking to stay put and improve their property, rather than spend thousands of pounds on solicitor fees, estate agent payments and stamp duty.

So how have people been making the most of their home instead? Adding an extra bedroom to your property will give you the extra space you crave whilst adding thousands of pounds onto the home’s value too. In fact, a bedroom ensuite can add as much as 20% to home value.

Find out some of the popular ways to add an extra bedroom below:

An extension

With an extension there’s the option to extend on the ground floor, or onto an existing room such as the garage. Extensions offer you the chance to create a brand new room, being constructed onto the end of your home.

This will take up some space in your garden, so it’s important to plan thoroughly and ensure you won’t lose value by eating up the garden area.

A garage conversion

The garage is no longer the key selling point of a house that it once was. How often do people store their vehicles in the garage nowadays? It’s more often used to keep tools in one place, with a few bikes and the lawnmower scattered around. But this space could be so much more.

With a garage conversion there’s the chance to convert all or half of the garage depending on the size and what you’re after. With the infrastructure already in place it’s much cheaper than an extension and the project could be finished within weeks.

A loft conversion

The loft conversion is the most popular way homeowners are creating more space in the property. And with a bedroom ensuite, estate agents predict you can add up to 20% on your home’s value. The loft is rarely used, more often than not a dark, damp area with a few boxes of Christmas decorations and old furniture. But converting this space can produce a light and spacious room.

With stairs being constructed too there’s easy access. You’ll probably find the loft holds the largest area of your property and making the most of this wasted space will avoid the need to relocate.

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